Barbara Evers fully believes in people and their ability to tap their true potential to grow and improve, professionally and personally. Her skills and expertise guide you to discover innate talents and develop them to rise to the top of your profession. Potential becomes reality as Barbara works with individuals and groups to achieve and exceed goals.

Expertise includes:


Professional Training & Instructional Design

  • 25+ years in training and public speaking with an emphasis on career and personal development
  • Corporate, manufacturing, non-profit, and government clients
  • Over 1000 hours of training materials designed and/or customized
  • Trains and manages training programs in technical and non-technical arenas


Career & Leadership Coaching

Barbara began her training career in a training/coaching role. Working with some of the toughest clients at the time, welfare clients, she learned how to help them develop and understand the need for professional behavior. Later, she took these same skills and applied them to coaching business leaders. Her approach provides targeted guidance  to motivate and develop leaders preparing to take the next step on their career ladders.

In this unique business relationship, Barbara will:

  • Mentor
  • Provide career development guidance
  • Apply type profile information to reveal strengths and weaknesses

Barbara is Certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Multiple Types Coaching Model.


Conference & Workshop Speaker

As a professional trainer, Barbara Evers makes the best speaker for your conference or workshop. Why? She knows how to:

  • Engage groups of people in an interactive and educational way
  • Win over the less-than-enthusiastic participant
  • Use humor and down-to-earth approaches while remaining professional
  • Ensure participants walk away with new knowledge
  • Transform dry topics into easy-to-understand information


Freelance Writing & Editing

Why not take your business communications to the next level? Barbara is an experienced and published writer who has received numerous writing awards including a Pushcart Prize nomination. Her  writing resume includes:

  • Training Materials
  • Marketing
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Vision & Mission Statements
  • Copy Writing
  • Presentations
  • White Papers
  • Blog Posts
  • Resumes
  • Freelance Editing
  • Creative Non-Fiction & Fiction