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Barbara Evers believes in people and their potential to grow and improve professionally and personally. Using her skills and expertise in developing people, she guides clients to discover innate talents, develop those talents, and rise to new levels. Potential becomes reality as Barbara works with individuals and groups to achieve and exceed goals.

Professional Trainer & Instructional Designer

With 25+ years’ experience in training and design, Barbara focuses her workshops on career and personal development skills. She’s developed over 1000 hours of training materials for custom clients, managed and conducted small to large training programs, and worked in the corporate, manufacturing, non-profit and government arenas. An added bonus is her ability to train technical as well as non-technical topics. Barbara is, also, a featured instructor with the award-winning e-learning provider, Bigger Brains.

Virtual Workshops

As the world adapted to Covid-19, the training world had to follow. Barbara already had several e-courses available through Bigger Brains, but she has expanded her online offerings. If you see a workshop you would like to attend or schedule for your company on another date, please contact Barbara about custom and availability options.

Live Virtual Training

On-Demand Courses

Career & Leadership Coach

Barbara began her training career in a training/coaching role. Working with some of the toughest clients at the time, welfare clients, she helped them develop and understand the need for professional skills. Later, she took the techniques she’d developed and applied them to coaching business leaders. Her approach provides targeted guidanceĀ  to motivate and develop leaders preparing to take the next step on their career ladders.

Barbara is Certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Multiple Types Coaching Model.

Conference & Workshop Speaker

As a professional trainer, Barbara makes the best speaker for your conference or workshop. Why? Applying adult learning principles to every presentation, she keeps audiences engaged with humor and a down-to-earth manner. Her workshops remain professional, educational, and fun for the participants. Barbara has been a speaker for several professional organizations, writing and speaking conferences, and church retreats.

Freelance Writer & Editor

Why not take your business communications to the next level? Barbara is an experienced and published writer with numerous writing awards including a prestigious Pushcart Prize nomination. With an MA in Professional Communication, Barbara has the experience and ability to write and edit a variety of business communications. Need someone on your staff to improve their writing? Check out her business and email writing workshops.

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