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Barbara Evers inspires, motivates, and encourages her audiences to stretch their potential and reach for the pinnacle of their success by sharing stories from her own life in an engaging manner, drawing on experiences that touch her audience with humor and inspiration.

Barbara's 20+ years in public speaking span the areas of sales presentations, informational seminars, professional training, and community education on domestic violence. Using her training and development background, Barbara strives to create meaningful content that provides "Ah Ha" moments for her audiences.

A simple request for volunteers to step forward and share their story with a Bible class led Barbara to dig down deep and find the courage to share her personal story with women who didn't know the struggles she had overcome.  In prayer, she argued the issue with God, but eventually she realized that her experiences revealed hope and grace when all seems dark.  Barbara found freedom in revealing the difficult elements of her own past and joy in sharing how it led her to a stronger faith.

Barbara is a 2011 alumni and a 2013 and 2014  Advanced Conference alumni of
Christian Communicators.  She, also, teaches others how to effectively develop and present their own message.

Watch a brief video from one of Barbara's presentations.
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